Septic Pumping for Hospital

PUMPING for PATIENTS Campaign -  When you hire us for septic pumping services a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to the cancer diagnostic and care programs at our Huntsville District Memorial Hospital.  

Septic Service Approved and Licensed by the M.O.E.  

Take Our Advice

Understanding Your Home's Septic System is a booklet of information provided by the Ontario Ministry of Environment that contains information about how a septic system works and how to maintain your septic system available at

Below is a diagram of a septic system. The septic has two compartments: one for solids where the inlet baffle is and the second for liquids where the outlet baffle leads to the leaching bed. The first compartment holds heavy solids while the second compartment holds finer sediment. The effluent filter located in the outlet baffle prevents solids flowing into the leaching bed. The leaching bed will then siphon the liquid before it returns to the soil.

Septic service and septic pumping in Muskoka.

Have your tank pumped out when necessary; every three to four years is recommended. Conduct routine inspections around your home to make sure your system is trouble free. You may have trouble if; the grass over the system is unusually green or spongy to walk on, toilets, showers and sinks take longer to drain, you can smell occasional sewage odors after rainfall and or you notice a gray or black liquid surfacing in your yard or backing up through fixtures in your home.

Keep Out

Limit the use of drain cleaners and disinfectants. It is best to use organic household cleaners like baking soda and vinegar. Don’t allow these items into your septic tank; backwash from water softeners, paints, solvents, grease, fats, coffee grounds, bones, cigarette butts, diapers, paper towels, tissues, coloured or heavy ply toilet paper and sanitary napkins. A general rule of thumb is, if it does not break down naturally; do not flush it into your septic tank. Don’t enter a septic tank or holding tank. Poisonous gases in the tank can cause death to the person entering the tank and those who try to rescue them. Only a licensed professional should enter a septic tank. 

Keep Off

Keep trees, shrubs, vehicles and heavy objects off your tile bed. Direct runoff from roofs, driveways, storm water and sump pumps away from the tank and tile bed. Eliminate or minimize lawn watering over the tile bed. 

Keep Clean

Test to make sure that the alarm on your holding tank is working and that it will indicate when the tank is almost full. Make sure the tank is accessible in any season for the pumper truck. A well maintained septic system can operate for decades, an abused or neglected one can fail in a day. 

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·  Before you make an appointment make sure that all of the septic lids are exposed by having the earth removed from around them. Most septic systems have two lids (concrete and plastic tanks).

·  Please specify if you are selling or buying a home

·  Have directions to your location for our drivers.

·  Ensure the road and area to access the tank is clear of overhang and ground is firm.

·  Payment is required upon service.

·  Book appointment by telephone: (705) 382-0991.